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Champions Chess Centre is registered to Delhi Chess Association. Champions Chess Centre from all across Delhi, Chief Coach Mr. Puneet Jaiswal and Senior Coach Mrs. Rashmi Saini Jaiswal work hard together to be able to train their students to participate in all sorts of chess tournaments at National and International level. Puneet strongly advicates, that ‘chess tactics doesn’t come in the air, one has to learn it.’ He advises to accept the situation and make efforts to find a way through it. A beautiful centre fully air condition magnificent class room, is a necessity to provide healthy environment. Each section shall consist of 2 to 10 learners so that every student get individual and close attention of the teacher.

Chess classes for beginner


The Basic chess course for absolute beginners includes :- The chess board, Chess pieces, setting up the starting position ,Movement of chess pieces, Value of chess pieces, Attack & Defence, Captures, Special moves, Chess result, Chess Notation, Check and Checkmate, Basic rules of Chess, How to open the game, Checkmate in one move, Checkmate with Queen and Rook, etc.




The Intermediate course is for those who had the basic knowledge about the game of chess, the course includes :- Basic chess tactics, Basic chess endings, Basic chess strategy, Basic principle of the game, Checkmate in one move practice, Chess opening introduction, practice of chess notation, Match practice, chess puzzle solving practice, Calculation practice, Visualization practice etc.




The Advanced course is for those who can play the chess game properly and seeking for further improvement in the tournament, the course includes :–
Elements of Chess Tactics, Elements of Chess Strategy, Checkmate in two moves, Essential Chess Endings, Chess Classics, Basic level opening preparation, Match Practice, chess puzzle solving practice, Planning in chess, Analysis of the game etc.





About US

Chief Coach

Current Fide Elo rating 2207, Playing Chess since 1993,3 times Senior State Champion, Joint 1st in Commonwealth Chess U-12, 1996, Certified chess coach from World Chess Federation, Registered Chess coach in Delhi Chess Association, Founder & Chief Coach ‘Champions Chess Centre’ New Delhi, trained many International, National, State, School, and club level players, Awarded Best Delhi Player in Delhi open Grandmaster Tournament 2017, Awarded Best Player in Category 2000-2200 in IIFL Grandmaster Tournament 2017 Mumbai, has participated in more than 200 Chess tournaments worldwide, Awarded FIDE Instructor Title from World Chess Federation, Attended National Chess Coaching Camp in 2002 Joined Indian Railways against Sports Quota (Chess) in 2004 and resigned in 2012, Awarded Senior National Arbiter from World Chess Federation in 2018.


Mr. Puneet Jaiswal

Senior Coach

Co- Founder of Champions Chess Centre, North India’s First Women FIDE Arbiter, Playing Chess since 2005, Participated in many International Rating, Nationals, State and District level Chess Tournaments, Awarded FIDE Arbiter title from World Chess Federation in 2013, Trained more than hundred students, Attended FIDE Chess in School seminar and awarded Developmental Instructor title from World Chess Federation, Appointed as a Chief Arbiter in many State and District level Chess tournaments.

Mrs. Rashmi Saini Jaiswal
Senior Coach